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Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat: The Complete Guide

By RIVMATE /January 8,2024                         Tite: Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat

Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat - Rivmate Rivet

Secure connections are critical in the manufacture of aluminum boats.

Boats need to be in constant contact with water, so corrosion and water resistance should be prioritized when choosing blind rivets. This guide explores all about closed end rivets for aluminum boat.

Whether you are a manufacturer of aluminum boats, or a repairer of aluminum boats, if you want to choose the right and the best closed end rivets. You will find all the information you are looking for here.

Table of Contents

Choosing Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat

There are many different types of connections applied to aluminum boats, such as riveting, welding, threading and gluing, to name a few. So why is the use of blind rivets to connect aluminum boat components so popular?

Why Aluminum Boat Riveting is so Popular?

The popularity of riveted connections on aluminum ships is mainly due to the unique characteristics of rivets: light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high construction efficiency, etc. These characteristics make riveting a commonly used connection method in the manufacture and maintenance of aluminum boats.

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight material that makes aluminum boats lighter than traditional steel materials. Riveting as a non-welded connection can be done without heating and melting the metal. Avoiding the thermal impact on aluminum during welding, it maintains the excellent performance and lightweight characteristics of aluminum.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and can be used for long periods of time in marine environments without being subjected to severe corrosion. Riveting provides a secure connection and ensures the corrosion resistance of the aluminum, extending the life of the boat.
  • Quick Installation: The riveting method is faster and easier than welding. The operation of riveting is simpler, do not need to consider the preheating and post-treatment time, and do not have strong welding skills and specialized welding equipment. This can speed up the construction of ships and improve productivity.

Why Use Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat?

Ships need to operate in water, which places high demands on the sealing and corrosion resistance of its connections. Sealed rivets provide a stable connection to the hull and are watertight.

Closed end rivets form a sealed closure head when installation is complete, which prevents moisture from penetrating the joints and reduces the risk of water leakage.

The environment in the water is corrosive to metal materials, especially aluminum. The closed head of a closed end rivet prevents moisture and other corrosive substances from entering the joint, reducing the potential for corrosion and extending the life of the joint.

Closed end rivets form a smooth closed head after installation, which does not reveal the internal structure of the rivet and is more aesthetically pleasing from the outside. This is especially important for high-end yachts and commercial vessels, where the appearance and texture of the hull surface needs to be consistent and refined.

What is a Closed End Rivet ?

Blind Rivets are a highly efficient connecting fastener. Closed end rivets are a special type of blind rivets. It is characterized by the formation of a closed head at the end of the rivet, compared with other types of rivets, closed type rivets form a sealed and closed structure at the point of connection.

Closed type rivets consist of two parts: the rivet stem and the closed head. The shank is a conventional rivet shape that is used to pass through the material to be joined and secured to the material on the other side. The closed end is a closed portion formed at the end of the rivet, which can be a completely closed spherical or hemispherical head. This closed head form can provide additional functions and features.

Types of Closed End Rivet

Closed end rivets can be divided into the following categories according to the raw material and head type depending on the usage scenario.

Raw Materials:

  • Aluminum&Steel Closed end blind rivets
  • All Aluminum Closed end blind rivets
  • Aluminum&Stainless Steel Closed end blind rivets
  • All Steel Closed end blind rivets
  • Stainless Steel 304/420(304/304) Closed end blind rivets
  • Copper&Steel Closed end blind rivets

Head Type:

  • Dome Head Closed end rivets
  • Countersunk Head Closed end rivets
  • Large Flange Closed end rivets

Rivmate can provide you with closed end rivets in all sizes, materials and head styles. Welcome to contact us.

6 Benefits of Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat

6 Benefits of Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boat

Waterproof Performance

The closed head of the Sealed Rivet effectively prevents moisture from penetrating the joint, providing excellent waterproofing. This is important for applications that require use in wet or underwater environments. This is why closed rivets are widely used to connect components on aluminum boats.

Corrosion Resistance

Fasteners used on ships require a high level of corrosion resistance. So Easy Closed Rivets are very common on ships. Its closed head prevents corrosive substances from entering the joint, reducing the potential for corrosion. This greatly increases the service life of the connecting fastener.

Strength and Reliability

It is well known that because of the excellent characteristics of the blind rivets. It has slowly become the most commonly used fastener. Closed end rivets, as a type of blind rivets, have high tensile and shear strengths to provide a reliable connection. Its closed head provides additional support and reinforcement, making the connection stronger. This is especially important for applications that require higher forces and stresses. Closed rivets are the best choice for marine applications where the fasteners connected need to withstand high stresses due to the special environment at sea.


When a closed rivet is installed, its closed head creates a smooth appearance that does not reveal the internal structure of the rivet, making it more aesthetically pleasing from the outside. So it is very important in applications where appearance and surface texture need to be considered. For example, high-end yachts, commercial vessels and other applications that have high requirements for the appearance of the ship.

High Sealing Performance

Why are closed rivets widely used on aluminum ships? The closed head of the Sealed Rivet provides a good seal to prevent leakage of liquids or gases. This is important for aluminum boat applications where a good seal needs to be maintained. A good seal greatly increases the safety and longevity of aluminum boats.

Convenient Installation

The best feature of rivets is that they are easy and quick to install. Sealed rivets, as a type of blind rivet, certainly have this characteristic. No special tools or techniques are required for the installation of closed rivets. In the aluminum boat manufacturing process, a large number of fasteners are needed to complete the connection between the plates and parts. The use of welding, bolting and other connection methods is too inefficient, so what fasteners can improve the installation efficiency, but also meet the ship’s requirements for streamlining? So closed rivets have been well used, and have become the preferred fasteners in the shipbuilding industry.

Application for Closed End Rivets on Aluminum Boats

The application of closed rivets on aluminum ships is very much. It mainly covers hull splicing, connection of ship structural components, ship equipment installation, ship deck connection, and hull repair and maintenance. Their strength, reliability and waterproof performance make them a common joining solution in the construction and maintenance of aluminum boats.

Closed End Blind Rivets for Aluminum Boats
  • Hull Splicing
  • Ship Structural Component Connections
  • Installation of Marine Equipment
  • Ship Deck Connections
  • Hull Restoration and Maintenance

Common Problems with Closed End Rivets for Aluminum Boats

Although closed end rivets are the best fasteners for aluminum boat construction and repair, they inevitably create problems due to improper operation or maintenance. Below I have listed a few of the most common problems with closed end rivets for aluminum boats.

Loose or Failed

If closed rivets are not properly installed or if there are material or design defects, they may loosen or fail. This may affect the strength and reliability of the connection. Ensure that the closure rivets are properly installed and that they are regularly inspected and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a secure joint.

Fatigue Crack

Fatigue cracks may occur in closed rivets during the use of aluminum boats, especially when subjected to vibration and stress. Such cracks may lead to a loss of strength at the point of attachment and ultimately to failure of the connection. Regular inspection and maintenance of closed rivets and timely repair or replacement of fatigue cracked rivets can reduce this problem.

Softening Issues

Aluminum materials may soften when exposed to the sun, which may result in a loss of strength and reliability of the closed rivet. When designing and selecting closed rivets, it is necessary to consider the temperature range of the environment in which they will be used and select the appropriate material and design to avoid softening problems.


Aluminum boats are used in special and harsh environments. Therefore, many factors need to be considered when choosing connection fasteners, including economic cost, waterproof performance, sealing performance, strength and stability, maintenance cost and installation cost.

According to the harsh requirements of connecting fasteners for aluminum boats, closed rivets stand out. However, the quality of closed rivets in the market varies, in order to ensure the safety of aluminum boats, you need to buy high quality closed rivets.

Before buying Closed Rivet, you need to confirm the material, head type, size and other necessary parameters of the Closed Rivet. In the process of communicating with the manufacturer about the order, you should ask for samples for testing to ensure the quality of the closed rivets and the safety of the aluminum boat.

If you have questions, Rivmate can provide you with specialized closed end rivet solutions.

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