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Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs Supplier

Self Clinching Standoff

Provide Security For Your Project With Rivmate High Quality Self Clinching Standoff

Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs

Self Clinching Standoffs

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  • M3 – M6 / .112-40(#4-40) – .190-32(#10-32)
  • Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Hardened Stailess Steel
  • Yes
  • 20000 pcs
  • IATF 16949:2016 / ISO 14001/ ISO 9001

Advantages of Using Self-Clinching Standoffs

Do you want to reduce the economic costs for your project?

Choose Rivmate’s self clinch standoff, which have a low installation cost and provide strong threads that can be reused in 0.04-inch-thick panels.

Self clinch standoff posts provide an excellent solution to the problem of loose hardware in assemblies. This is important for applications such as electronic enclosures and cabinets.

The self clinch standoffs provide excellent push-out and torsion forces that far exceed international quality standards.

This design ensures that the self clinch standoff maintains dimensional integrity during the riveting process.

Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs
through-hole threaded standoffs
Thread Size Thread Code Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Hardened Stainless Steel
M3×0.5 M3
M3.5×0.6 M3.5
M4×0.7 6.0M4
M5×0.8 M5
M6×1.0 M6
Thread Size Thread Code Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Hardened Stainless Steel
.112-40(#4-40) 440
.138-32(#6-32) 632
.164-32(#8-32) 832
.190-32(#10-32) 032

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What is a Self Clinching Standoff?

Self clinch standoff is a kind of fastener applied to sheet metal, thin plate, chassis and cabinet. The shape of the self clinch standoff post is hexagonal at one end, the other end is cylindrical. Hexagonal edge and cylindrical middle has a retracting groove, and its internal shape for the internal threads, through the press will be the hexagonal head pressed into the pre-positioned holes in the sheet metal (pre-positioned holes in the aperture is generally slightly larger than the cylindrical diameter of the rivet stud). So that the hole peripheral plastic deformation, deformation of the deformed part of the self clinch standoff post was squeezed into the retracting groove of the rivet stud, so that riveting the self clinch standoff post riveted tightly to the thin sheet, thus forming an effective fixation on the sheet metal. Thus, an effective internal thread is formed on the thin plate.

Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs
Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs

Applications of Self Clinching Standoff

Self clinch standoffs are generally used in a wide range of areas, and there are many places where they are useful. For example, sheet metal industry, used to rivet the metal plate. For example, chassis cabinets are used in many of the above. Of course, some electronic products, electrical products, mechanical products, etc. will also be useful.

  • Compact Electronics
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Furniture
  • …………

Self Clinching Standoff Installation

Mounting self clinch standoff require a material that is harder than the mounting panel. After installing each self clinch standoff into an appropriately sized hole in the mating panel, the rivets are then quickly riveted using a press.

To choose the right hole size and material for your project.

High Quality Self Clinching Standoff Material

Rivmate can provide all the high quality materials commonly found on the market to meet your requirements for your project. At Rivmate you can find everything about self clinching standoffs. Common materials include:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Hardened Stainless Steel

Rivmate’s Self Clinching Standoff Compared to PEM’s Self Clinch Standoffs

Rivmate’s self clinch standoffs offer the same quality, strength, and durability as PEM self clinching standoffs.

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Rivmate Self Clinching Standoffs

Wholesale High Quality Self Clinching Standoff From Top Self Clinching Standoff Manufacturer in China now!

With over a decade of manufacturing experience in the fastener industry, Rivmate has made a mark in self clinching standoffs manufacturing in just three years.

Rivmate is one of the top self clinching standoff manufacturers in China and has been supplying the best quality self clinching standoff to various industries.Rivmate fastener have been exported to more than fifty countries in the world and are well recognised by our customers.

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