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Dome Head Grooved Rivet




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Zinc plated/Polished

3.2(1/8″) – 4.8(3/16″)

Dome Head

IATF 16949:2016 / ISO


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Rivmate grooved rivet

High Quality Raw Materials

As top Grooved Rivet Maker in china.We value the quality of our products more than the quantity.Ensure that products meet international quality standards
Rivmate grooved rivet

Years of Production Experience

As top grooved rivets supplier.We have rich experience in the production of grooved rivets.Our products are exported to more than fifty countries in the world.
Rivmate grooved rivet

Strict Quality Control

Thirteen quality inspection processes ensure the high quality of the products.The quality of our products has passed international quality certification standards.for example, ISO and IATF 16949:2016.

The Technical Specification of Rivmate Grooved Rivets

Diameter[d] Part No. Size Body Length [L] Grip Range(min) Tensile SHear
3.2(1/8") ASG32100 3.4-3.5 10..0 13.5 700N 500N
ASG32120 12.0 15.5
ASG32140 14.0 17.5
4.0(5/32") ASG40080 4.2-4.4 8.0 12.0 1200N 850N
ASG40100 10.0 14.0
ASG40120 12.0 16.0
ASG40140 14.0 18.0
ASG40160 16.0 20.0
ASG40180 18.0 22.0
4.8(3/16") ASG48080 5.1-5.2 8.0 12.5 1800N 1500N
ASG48100 10.0 14.5
ASG48120 12.0 16.5
ASG48140 14.0 18.5
ASG48160 16.0 20.5
ASG48180 18.0 22.5
ASG48200 20.0 24.5
ASG48250 25.0 29.5
ASG48300 30.0 34.5

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Applications of Open Rivets

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Trucks
  • Tracks
  • Container 
Rivmate grooved rivet
Rivmate grooved rivet

What is grooved rivet?

Grooved rivet is a specially designed structural type rivet. Its structure is somewhat different from the traditional blind rivets.

Fluted rivets are formed with deep grooves in the body part. It can be better fixed in the connecting material. Can provide a stronger connection.

The number of grooves and depth of recessed rivets can be customized to meet specific application requirements. So that it can provide a more secure and stable connection to the customer’s project.


What are grooved rivets used for?

Recessed rivets are used in a wide range of applications. Therefore it is very important to choose the right grooved rivets.

  • Automobile manufacturing:In the field of automotive repair and manufacturing. Recessed rivets are commonly used to attach body parts, interior components, seats, chassis and more.
  • Plastic material:Fluted rivets are suitable for joining plastic materials. Such as polymers, nylon, polypropylene, etc.
  • Manufacture of electronic equipment:Recessed rivets also play an important role in the assembly and production of electronic equipment. For example, connecting circuit boards, heat sinks, slots and so on.
  • Furniture manufacturing:Joining of wood, sheet and metal components.
  • Machinery manufacturing:Notched rivets are also used a lot in the field of machine building. They can be used to join mechanical parts, structural components and assemblies, etc.

What is a grooved connection?

Recessed connections typically use grooves to create a stable connection.

Advantages of grooved connections:

  • Recesses provide a high strength connection
  • Effective in improving the performance of anti-slip
  • Able to be used in different types of materials. Including metals, plastics and compliant materials

Grooved Rivet groove shape and design features

Rivmate Grooved Type Blind Rivets are an excellent connecting element in many application scenarios. Especially where slip resistance is required and a high strength connection is provided.

  • Groove shape:Grooved Rivets usually have a circular or semi-circular groove design. Located on the body portion of the rivet.
  • Number and location of grooves:The number of notches is indeterminate. It may be a single one or a plurality of them. The number and location of notches depends on the specific needs of your project.
  • Depth and width of grooves:The depth and width of the grooves can be customized. Designed to meet the specific requirements of your project. Deeper grooves provide better connection strength and wider grooves provide a larger contact area.
  • Spacing of grooves:How your project’s requirement for the number of notches is not individual. The spacing between them is also a design consideration.

Advantages of grooved rivets:Fluted rivets are designed to increase the friction between the rivet and the joining material. It provides a stronger connection. Have very good connection stability and reliability.

Whether there is a minimum order quantity limit?

In order to ensure the quality and economic efficiency of our customers’ products, we do have a minimum order quantity requirement.

We hope to establish a long-term cooperation with you. So we will give you the most competitive price.

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