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Rivmate Automotive Rivets Solution 

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Building Automotive Safety With High Quality Blind Pop Rivets

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Applications of Automotive Rivets in Automobiles

Here are some examples of rivets on car applications

  1. car front bumper
  2. shock absorber
  3. headlamp
  4. car air conditioning
  5. Front wheel chock
  6. Front Wheel Fenders
  7. Turning indicator light
  8. Installation of the driver’s airbag
  9. Dashboard & Heating
  10. Passenger compartment
  11. car sunroof
  12. Vehicle exhaust purifier
  13. Installation of motorised windows
  14. Seat installation
  15. Installation of the exhaust unit
  16. Seat belt installation
  17. Installation of chassis components
  18. Tail light installation

Automotive rivets, do not just refer to blind rivets applied to small cars, but to any type of vehicle. From small family cars to large trucks, lorries and more. Blind rivets and pull rivet nuts are widely used in automotive manufacturing. Automobiles are manufactured and parts cannot be connected without automotive blind rivets.

There are many reasons why blind rivets are widely used in automobiles.

Blind rivets are a fastener joining process that requires only a single side space. The simplicity of installing a blind rivet, the ability to join two parts without the need for a mould, makes it a huge part of bodywork.The assisted positioning of the blind rivets brings more design space to the design, and because of the different types of rivets, different strength requirements can be realised, which plays a pivotal role in the body connection.

There are many types of blind rivets in automobiles. They can meet the different strength requirements of different parts of the car and can perfectly meet the highest mechanical shear and tensile strength. It can respond well to the stresses that the vehicle is subjected to.

In automobiles, rivets are used in very large quantities and in a wide range of applications. Blind rivets can be customised to suit the specific application of the vehicle, so you can see automotive rivets in many components.

Characteristics of Automotive Rivets

Rivmate Automotive Blind Rivets Solution

In the automotive manufacturing process, there are a large number of fasteners that need to be used, and there are many different designs.

When it comes to blind rivets in automobiles, there are several characteristics needs and requirements to consider:

  • High strength: automotive rivets need to be strong enough. The car needs to withstand different loads and vibrations while driving. Automotive rivets are usually made of high-strength steel to ensure their reliability and stability under various conditions.
  • Resistance to corrosion and abrasion: Vehicles are often exposed to harsh environments (e.g. wet, salt spray, etc.) as well as road vibration and friction. Therefore, blind rivets in automobiles need to have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so as to ensure that the car can run for a long time.
  • Easy to install: Blind Rivets are commonly used in the automotive manufacturing process to join components made of different materials such as steel, aluminium and plastic. So automotive rivets need to have the characteristics of easy installation in order to improve production efficiency and reduce the time of assembly.
  • Stable joint fastening performance: Automotive rivets need to provide stable and long-lasting fastening performance to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles in operation. The design and manufacture of automotive rivets must meet strict technical standards and testing requirements to ensure stable fastening effect of blind rivets.


IATF 16949:2016 Manufacturer

Rivmate can provide a professional supplier of automotive fastener solutions. Rivmate is a professional supplier of automotive fasteners and solutions. It strictly complies with the international quality system for the automotive fastener industry – IATF 16949:2016.

Since 2012, RIVMATE has been evaluated according to the quality standards ISO 9001 , ISO 14001.

Rivmate has always emphasised quality control of its products. From raw materials to production to testing, we use materials that meet international quality standards at every step of the process to ensure that automotive rivets can have the best performance. To further enhance the quality of Rivmate’s automotive rivet fixings, we have obtained the IATF 16949:2016 certification.

From the practical application point of view, different parts of the car have different needs for automotive rivets. That’s why a lot of automotive rivets are customised. Automotive rivets throughput require special surface treatments, or special dimensions and customised mechanical properties.

Blind Rivets from RIVMATE for the Automotive Industry

RIVMATE produces 5 million blind rivets per day, 80% of which are used for customised products and automotive rivets.

There are more than 150 people in Rivmate’s factory, including 20 professional R&D engineers, and more than 40% of the engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the fastener industry.

Our automotive rivet factory now has 60 sets of multi-station cold heading machines, 32 sets of tell-tale nail making machines, 20 sets of thread rolling machines, 17 sets of assembly machines, and 6 sets of industry-advanced optical picking machines.

Among the automotive rivets, structural rivets have become the most demanded blind rivets in the industry because of their high performance.

Some cases:

Rivmate Automotive Rivets Application
Rivmate Car Rivets Application
Rivmate Car Rivets Application
Automotive Blind Rivets Application - Blind Rivets on Car

Custom Automotive Rivets Solutions

How Do Blind Bolts Fasteners Work?
Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in Railway Applications

At RIVMATE, we have provided free consultancy services for customised blind rivets and rivet nuts to hundreds of customers from more than fifty countries around the world:From car rivet programme design to car rivet packaging, we propose satisfactory professional services.

As automotive rivet manufacturer, we can offer the following services for your project:

  • Design and engineering support: RIVMATE can provide customers with professional design and engineering support. We design and develop the most suitable automotive rivet solution according to the specific needs of the customer’s automotive project.
  • Customised automotive rivet production capacity: RIVMATE has the customised production capacity to produce customised automotive rivet products according to customers’ requirements and specifications to meet their special needs.
  • Material Recommendation and Testing: According to the different automotive projects, we provide customers with the most suitable material recommendations, and provide advanced testing equipment and technology to rigorously inspect and evaluate the quality and performance of automotive rivets.
  • Technical support: RIVMATE provides you with professional technical support to help you can quickly take your project and solve any technical problems.
  • Quality Control And Certification: RIVMATE has a strict quality control system to ensure that the quality of automotive rivets meets international quality standards and customer requirements.RIVMATE has relevant certifications and qualifications in the automotive industry.
  • Perfect after-sales service: provide timely after-sales service and support to solve customers’ queries and provide replacements in time to ensure customers’ satisfaction and trust in our professional services.

Automotive "lightweight" Design

Driven by new emission standards as well as energy saving and environmental protection. Automotive lightweighting has become a mainstream development direction in the global automotive industry.

One of the main ways to achieve lightweight vehicles is through the design of lightweight body structures. Selection of lightweight materials and the use of lightweight technology and equipment technology. The first two of these points are now more concerned, especially car manufacturers. Lightweight blind rivets become a good way to solve this problem.

Automotive blind rivets, typically used for tight connections between bodies. With the requirement of light weight, the Blind Rivet has become the primary fastener of choice for automotive riveting. One of the major reasons for this is that blind rivets can provide very light weight and also meet the strength requirements of automobiles for fasteners.

The use of high quality and lighter zinc rivets in “lightweight” car bodies can effectively reduce the weight gain of the connecting parts. This allows the car to move towards “lightweight”.

For the entire automotive industry, “lightweight” is still a new term. But the book of blind rivets, lightweight competition has begun. Lighter materials, stronger structures, and more durable automotive blind rivets are changing today’s automotive production and making the automotive industry more prosperous.

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