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Blind Threaded Standoffs

Self Clinching Standoffs Material

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Hardened Stainless Steel


  • M3 – M6
  • .112-40(#4-40) – .190-32(#10-32)


Custom Blind Threaded Standoffs for your project


Technical Parameters of Blind Standoffs

Thread Size Thread Code Min Sheet Thickness Hole Size In Sheet +0.08 C -0.13 H Nom. Min Dist Hole To Edge
M3×0.5 M3 1 4.22 4.2 4.8 6
3.5M3 1 5.41 5.39 6.4 6.8
M3.5×0.6 M3.5 1 5.41 5.38 6.4 6.8
M4×0.7 6.0M4 1.2 6 5.98 7 7.5
M4 1.27 7.14 7.12 7.9 8
M5×0.8 M5 1.27 7.14 7.12 7.9 8
M6×1.0 M6 1.3 8.75 8.72 10 8
Thread Size Thread Code Min Sheat Thickness Hole Size In Sheet +0.08 C -0.13 H Nom. Min Dist Hole To Edge
.112-40(#4-40) 440 0.04 0.166 0.165 0.187 0.23
6440 0.04 0.213 0.212 0.25 0.27
.138-32(#6-32) 632 0.04 0.213 0.212 0.25 0.27
8632 0.05 0.281 0.28 0.312 0.31
.164-32(#8-32) 832 0.05 0.281 0.28 0.312 0.31
.190-32(#10-32) 032 0.05 0.281 0.28 0.312 0.31

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Blind Threaded Standoffs Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of self clinching standoffs requires the use of specialized riveting tools, riveting presses.

  1. Select the hole size appropriate for the desired standoff size.
  2. Using a punch, sufficient pressure is applied to press the riveted part into the sheet.

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