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Blind Rivets Price Per Box : How Get Price Per Box of Rivets?

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Table of Contents

Blind Rivets Price Per Box

Do you know how to determine blind rivets price per box? Do you know what factors affect the price of a box of rivets? Through this article, you will learn all this information.

Table of Contents

Why Rivets Need to be Packaged During Transport?

Blind Rivets Price Per Box

If you’re a fastener engineer or a buyer for a fastener company, then you’ll often see rivets packaged in boxes. So why do you need boxes to package rivets?

If you need to buy rivets, have you ever wondered what they look like when you get them? Is it a box or a bag?

In fact, during the actual purchase process, whether the rivets are packed in boxes or bags depends on the quantity you buy. Normally, if you buy more than 1,000, the rivets will be packed in boxes, and if the quantity is less than 1,000, the rivets will be packed in bags.

Why do rivets need to be packaged? The primary reason is to make it easier to transport and manage the quantity of rivets. A few reasons why rivets need to be packaged during shipping are as follows:

  • Protecting Rivets: Packaging provides protection against damage or deformation of rivets during shipment. Rivets may rub against other items or surfaces, or be subjected to shock and vibration during stacking or shipping. Proper packaging reduces these risks and ensures that rivets arrive at their destination in perfect condition.
  • Prevent Loss: Rivets are often small items that can easily be lost in transit. Packaging can provide a closed container to ensure that rivets are kept securely inside, avoiding unnecessary loss.
  • Easy Management and Identification: Packaging can make rivets easier to manage and identify. By placing rivets in specific boxes or bags and marking or labelling them, they can be easily identified, counted and stored. This increases efficiency and reduces wasted time and labour.
  • Compliance with Transport Regulations: In some cases, specific transport rules and regulations require rivets to be packaged. These regulations may be to ensure safe transport, prevent contamination or comply with international trade standards. By packaging rivets correctly, you can ensure compliance and avoid potential problems and disputes.
Blind Rivets Price Per Box

How Many Pieces of Blind Rivets Per Box?

There is no precise answer to this. This is because the package size is not consistent from one rivet supplier to another. The number of rivets in each box can also vary due to a number of factors. These include the following factors:

  1. Blind Rivet Sizes and Types
  2. Packaging specifications provided by the rivet manufacturer
  3. Customised requirements

If you want the box packaging of rivets to meet your own requirements, you can think of your rivet supplier to make the appropriate customisation requirements. If you don’t know the exact number of blind rivets in each box, you can directly ask your rivet supplier and they can provide the exact quantity information.

Next, I will give you a detailed overview of the number of rivets in the different cases of the Rivmate Rivet.

1.Blind Rivet Sizes and Types

If the size of your rivet supplier’s box package is fixed, then how many rivets are in a box is related to the size of the box.
For example, when the size of the box is 525mm*280mm*145mm, if the size of your rivets is 2.4*6/2.4*8, then the number of rivets in a box is 20,000.If the size of your rivets is 3*12, then the number of rivets in a box is 10,000.So in the case of a fixed size of the box, the bigger the size of the rivets, the number of rivets in a box will be the less.

2.Packaging Specifications

Package sizes are not uniform across different rivet manufacturers. So the number of rivets per box packed by different rivet suppliers is also not consistent. Next I will use Rivmate Rivet as an example of rivet package size.

Blind Rivets Price Per Box - The Bags for Blind Rivets
Blind Rivets Price Per Box - The Small Box for Blind Rivets

At Rivmate, rivets are generally packaged in both small box packaging and large box packaging. The small box packaging size is generally 130mm*100mm*130mm and 130mm*100mm*90mm. Depending on the length of the rivets to decide which size of box packaging to use.

If you purchase up to 5,000 rivets, then Rivmate will package them in a combination of small and large packages. For example, if a small box of 130*100*130 can hold 2,000 rivets with a diameter of 2.4mm, then you can use a large package for the small box. A large package can hold about 10,000-20,000 pcs.

Blind Rivets Price Per Box - The Big Box for Blind Rivets

Blind Rivets1/8 x 1/2 Price Per Box

The price per box of 1/8″ x 1/2″ blind rivets is variable. Prices may vary based on a variety of factors including supplier, region, quantity and market conditions. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, you may want to consult with your blind rivet manufacturer. They will be able to provide you with current pricing per box of the size and type of blind rivets you require.

How Do You Calculate the Number of Rivets Needed?

How do you determine how many rivets you need for your business? In fact, you can roughly determine the number of rivets you need based on the following aspects.

Identify Components to be Joined

Firstly, you need to evaluate the joint or structure to which the rivets will be attached. Determine the number and arrangement of parts or plates being joined. This will help determine the number of rivets required to effectively secure the joint.

Calculate Spacing Between Rivets

Determine the required rivet spacing or intervals. Spacing is the distance between the centres of two adjacent rivets along a row or column. It depends on factors such as the material being joined, the strength required, and applicable industry standards or guidelines.

Calculate Number of Rows and Columns

You will need to calculate the number of rows and columns required based on the joint configuration and spacing required for the business you’ve got. Divide the total length or width of the joint by the spacing to determine the number of rows and columns. Round the values up to ensure adequate rivet coverage.

Determine the Total Number of Rivets

Multiply the number of rows by the number of columns to get the total number of rivets required. This calculation assumes that one rivet is required at each row and column intersection.

Consider Additional Rivets

Often additional rivets are added as spares or rivets that may need to be replaced during installation or future maintenance. Depending on the specific requirements and industry practice, these additional rivets can be taken into account by adding 5-10% to the calculated total.


Rivets are the optimal solution for many thin plate connections. It not only provides a stable connection, but also saves financial costs. As for how much per box of rivets, it depends on the market and your supplier.

If you don’t know how to pick rivets for your business, you can contact our engineers who will give you the most professional rivet advice.

You only need to care about the economical cost, and you can leave the quality to Rivmate with complete confidence!

Rivmate Rivet Solutions Help You Complete your Business with High Quality Rivets

After carefully reading all the details in this blog, we hope you can get a clear picture of how a box of rivets is priced. As well as you can determine how many rivets you need to buy. By simply following the guidelines we have mentioned in this article, you will be able to buy a sufficient number of rivets for your business.

We at Rivmate Rivet offer a full range of rivets. Visit our website or contact us today to get started with a quote for your project!

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