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Blind Rivet Supply

Blind rivets are rivets for single-sided riveting. Compared with threaded nuts and bolts blind rivets have many advantages. When riveting in one direction, blind rivets are the fastest method and usually only require the use of specialized riveting tools to complete the riveting.

Blind Rivet consists of a rivet body and a rivet core.

Mainly used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machines, electrical appliances, furniture and other products.

blind rivet supply
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open type rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet
peel rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivet
sealed type blind rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet
Uni-grip Blind Rivet
multigrip rivet
Multi-grip Blind Rivet
China Tri Fold Rivet Manufacturer and Supplier - Bulk Tri Fold Rivets Supply
Trifirm Rivet
Rivmate Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Bulbtight Trifirm RIvet
now-lock blind rivet
Now-Lock Blind Rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet(A Type)
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet(B Type)
huck bolt
High Strength Lockbolt System
bom rivet
Boom-Lock Blind Rivet
Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply
Rivlok & Rivbulb Double-locking System
Self Piercing Rivet
Ground Rivet
grooved rivets
Grooved Type Blind Rivet
types of rivets
Custom Your Blind Rivet

Rivmate have a large inventory of  pop rivets and offer dome head rivet, countersunk head rivet and large flange rivets. We offer blind rivets in a variety of sizes, materials, and lengths.

You can easily find the Blind Rivets to meet your needs with Rivmate. Please click on the image link above to view the Closed End Rivet that is right for your project. Order rivets today, request a quote or contact us for more product information.

How Do Blind Rivet Fasteners Work?
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multigrip rivet structure
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For all Closed End Blind Rivets

Head Style
  • Dome Head
  • Countersunk Head
  • Large Flange
Rivet body & Rivet Mandreal Materials
  • Aluminum & Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum & Aluminum
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel & Carbon Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel & 420 Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel & 304 Stainless Steel
  • Copper & Carbon Steel


What is blind rivet?

Blind rivets are two-piece components whose other common name is “pop rivets”. The advantage of blind rivets is that they are quick to install, unidirectional, and do not require riveting from the back or blind side of the riveted plate.

The vast majority of rivets are lightweight and inexpensive, yet provide great tightening power. Blind rivets are the choice of many industries, not to mention the large number of blind rivet sizes available for a wide variety of applications.

Install Blind Rivet

Blind rivets provide great riveting power, but installing them is so simple, all you need is a blind rivet gun and almost anyone can easily use these amazing fasteners. We have been involved in the automotive industry for many years, with a wide range of blind rivets and rivet nuts for the automotive industry, we offer closed cell blind rivets, standard rivets, structural rivets and more.

Advantage of blind rivet

  • Lower cost compared to threaded bolts and nuts:Compared to many fasteners, the price of a blind rivet can be the best choice for many industries, and we can realize more value at a lower price!
  • Light and portable:No matter what scenario you use the rivets for, the blind rivets are lightweight and do not add weight to the product.
  • Quick Installation:Fast riveting with just a rivet gun

Contact Us for Standard Blind Rivets and Structural Rivet

If you need blind rivets or other fasteners, you can contact us. We offer blind rivets, rivet nuts, pneumatic riveting tools and more. Order today, request a quote or contact us and let us secure your project!

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