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Flat Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut

Detailed Information

Installation Steps and Internal Structure

blind rivet nuts material : Aluminum rivet nut , Carbon steel rivnut , Stainless steel rivnut.

surface treatment : Natural polish , Cr3+ Zinc plated/Coating

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How Do Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners Work?
blind rivet nuts structure

Applications of the Product

Automotive industry: fixing body parts, seats, dashboards, etc.

Aerospace industry: connecting aircraft shells, wings, internal components, etc.

Construction industry: fixed metal sheets, hanging ornaments, etc.

Electronic equipment industry:fixed circuit boards, connecting wires, installing radiators, etc.

Furniture industry: fixed chair legs, furniture components, etc.

Machinery manufacturing industry: fixed mechanical parts, connecting pipes and so on.

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

Aluminum Flat Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut   is a connection solution with several advantages and features, the following are its main marketing selling points:

1. High strength connection: Aluminum flat head round body riveted nuts have excellent connection strength and can provide reliable connection results in a variety of applications.

2. Lightweight design: Due to the aluminum material, this riveted nut is lighter than the traditional nut, which helps to reduce the weight of the overall product and improve transportation efficiency.

3. Easy installation and disassembly: aluminum flat head round body riveted nuts are installed by riveting method, which does not require special tools and equipment, simplifying the installation and disassembly process and improving work efficiency.


4. Multi-field application: This riveted nut is suitable for a variety of projects and industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, electronic equipment and other fields, to meet the connection needs of different fields.

5. Corrosion resistance: aluminum flat head round body riveted nuts have excellent corrosion resistance, can be used for a long time in harsh environments, and maintain good connection effect.

6. Beautiful appearance: This kind of riveted nut adopts flat head design, beautiful appearance and generous appearance, which can improve the overall appearance and texture of the product.

Aluminum flat head round body riveted nuts are a reliable, lightweight, easy to install and remove, versatile, excellent corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance connection solution. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, construction, electronic equipment or other fields, aluminum flat head round body riveted nuts can play an important role.

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Rivet nut inspection
Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine

Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

blind rivet nuts para,eter


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