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Automobile Rivets

Including automotive panel fasteners,auto body fasteners,car bumper fasteners,automotive rivet nuts。

High quality automotive fasteners

As top automotive fastener suppliers in china.Rivmate manufacture a wide range of precision designed fasteners, our aim is to provide a secure connection for a wide range of vehicles on the road, we can supply rivets for vehicles in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and other materials.

Our product range covers all types of rivets used in automobiles, and we have a full range of high performance installation tools.

We have been supplying our high quality rivets to the world’s leading automotive companies and have established a good relationship with them.

We have rich experience in automotive riveting, we can provide you with a full range of rivets, one-stop service, so that you can easily solve the riveting problem.
Ten thousand square meters of factory, more than one hundred employees, to provide reliable connections for you your project.

Automotive Blind Rivets Application - Blind Rivets on Car
Multi-grip Rivets for Vehicle
Rivet nuts for Hybrid Vehicle Battery
Now-Lock rivets for Aluminum Vehicle Frame
Rivmate Automotive Rivets Application
SPR for Vehicle
Hem-Firm rivets for Aluminum steel Vehicle body
Sealed Rivets for anti-collision Vehicle

Structural Blind Rivet - Automotive pop rivets

open type rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet(Standard Rivet)
Multi grip blind rivet
Multi-grip rivet
Now-Lock Blind Rivet
peel rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivet
China Tri Fold Rivet Manufacturer and Supplier - Bulk Tri Fold Rivets Supply
Trifirm Rivet
Rivmate Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Self Piercing Rivet

High Strength Blind Rivet

Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply
Rivlok & Rivbulb Double-locking System
bom rivet
Boom-Lock Blind Rivet
huck bolt
High Strength Lockbolt System

Relative products

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Lockbolt Tool
Rivmate A912 Rivet nut tool
A912 Rivet nut Tool
pneumatic pop rivet gun
Blind Rivet Tool
jack rivet nut
Rivet Nut

Let us make your car safe

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