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Aluminum vs Steel Rivets: Which is the Best Marterial for Rivets?

By RIVMATE /March 4,2024                     Tite: Aluminum vs Steel Rivets

Aluminum vs Steel Rivets

Are you not sure how to choose between aluminum rivets and steel rivets? This article is a quick guide to help you quickly and accurately choose the right pop rivets for your project.

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Different materials have different uses for pop rivet. To ensure safety in different applications, you must use the right metal pop rivet. For example, to improve lightweighting, aluminum rivets are a top choice for automotive and aerospace.

Of the many riveted fasteners available, pop rivet is an economical and appropriate choice.

For most people, not much is known about the difference between aluminum and steel rivets. However, we will address this issue by comparing these two materials for pop rivets.

About Pop Rivet Materials

Before we start talking about which material pop rivet is best for your project, let’s understand the types of materials.

Different materials are used in different scenarios. For example, automotive manufacturing and aerospace need to reduce overall weight and will use a lot of aluminum rivets. Mechanical manufacturing needs to carry a lot of weight and prefers to use strong steel rivets.

Of course, there are more raw materials than just aluminum and steel that can be made into rivets. The following list shows you the commonly used materials:

  • Aluminum – light weight
  • Carbon Steel – high strength
  • Stainless Steel – Corrosion resistance and high strength
  •  Steel – Low cost and high strength
  • Copper – electrically and thermally conductive
  • Plastic – Light and insulated

Aluminum Pop Rivets

With Aluminum vs steel Rivets, the best feature of aluminium is that it is lightweight and has good corrosion resistance. Although aluminium pop rivets are not very strong, they are used a lot in weight-critical applications such as automotive manufacturing and aerospace.

The corrosion resistance of aluminium rivets is excellent. So in wet or corrosive environments, compared to steel rivets. Aluminium rivets are also very much used.

For example, if your rivets need to be used for a marine project, then choosing aluminium rivets is the best option. The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium rivets is best suited for marine component installation and assembly of parts.

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet

The above information is for your reference. Most engineers working in marine, vehicle and aerospace manufacturing recommend the use of aluminium pop rivets as a solution to reduce weight and prevent corrosion.

Are Aluminum Rivets not Strong Enough?

In Aluminum vs Steel Rivet, aluminum blind rivets may be slightly lower in terms of strength. This is due to the fact that aluminum blind rivets are designed with a thin core section, and aluminum blind rivets may have relatively low tensile and shear strength. As a result, steel rivets are more appropriate in applications that require higher strength requirements, such as those subject to large loads or severe vibration.

However, aluminum blind rivets are still widely used in many applications, especially in light-duty applications and weight-sensitive projects. Their advantages of light weight, good corrosion resistance and ease of installation fulfill the need for lightweight connections and medium strength requirements.

Steel Pop Rivets

In the aluminum vs steel rivets debate, steel rivets stand for high strength rivets. Steel is a material with high strength and abrasion resistance that provides higher tensile and shear strength. Ideal for connection needs that are subject to greater compliance.

It is also used in a wide range of applications, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and more. It is different from aluminum rivets, where steel rivets are mainly used to connect metallic materials and heavy duty components.

blind rivet

Are Aluminum Rivets Stronger than Steel?

Reading through the article, you can clearly understand that steel rivets offer more strength than aluminum rivets. Steel rivets are made from harder steel, so they can often provide greater tensile and shear strength. This makes steel rivets more common in applications that require higher strength connections.

Aluminum rivets are primarily made from aluminum alloys, which have relatively low strength despite their good strength and light weight. Aluminum rivets are typically used in applications that require less strength, such as lightweight construction and general mechanical connections.

Aluminum vs Steel Rivets:General Overview

When you are investigating aluminum or steel blind rivets, you will find that the difference in application between the different materials is still significant. However, due to their lower strength, aluminum rivets are best suited for applications that require weight and corrosion resistance. Therefore steel rivets will have more application scenarios.

When purchasing rivets, remember to buy steel pop rivets for projects that require high strength. Purchase aluminum pop rivets for projects that require high corrosion properties.

Here is an easier way to understand the difference between aluminum pop rivets and steel pop rivets:

Material Strength Corrosion Resistance Costs Weights
Aluminum High Very Good Low Very Light
Steel Very High General Lower General Weight

How Do I Choose?

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1.Application Requirement

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a blind rivet is the specific application requirements of your project. You can consider the following aspects: 1. material to be connected, 2. strength requirements,  3. type of load. If you need to connect heavier components or require greater strength and durability, steel blind rivets may be more appropriate. If your application has lower weight requirements and moderate strength requirements, aluminum blind rivets may be a more appropriate choice.

Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets Application

2.Environmental Conditions

When sourcing rivets, you also need to consider the environmental conditions in which your project’s connections will be located. Conditions to consider include temperature, humidity, and corrosion. Aluminum blind rivets are better in terms of corrosion resistance and are suitable for wet environments or corrosive applications. If your application requires a higher level of corrosion resistance, aluminum blind rivets may be more suitable.

If your project requires waterproofing, you will also want to make sure that the rivets you select have a waterproof seal or can be used in conjunction with an appropriate sealing material.

What is a blind rivet used for?Application of Blind Rivets for Construction Industry

3.Budgetary Considerations

Aluminum blind rivets are usually less expensive than steel blind rivets because of the lower cost of the aluminum material. If you are on a budget, aluminum blind rivets may be the more affordable option. However, there are many factors that affect price, such as material cost, quantity and size of purchase, life and maintenance costs, quality and reliability.

4.Consultation with Professionals

If you are still not sure which rivet is right for your specific needs, consult a professional such as an engineer or supplier. They can provide targeted advice based on your specific situation and requirements.


Choosing the right Blind Rivet for your project or your customers can enhance the safety of your project. Safety is important in manufacturing, construction. steel pop rivets are a better choice for high loads, while aluminum blind rivets are better suited for use in reduced weight or harsh environments.

Here are the important points I have made in this article to help you choose the right metal rivets for your project:

  • Difference between aluminum rivets and steel rivets
  • The Importance of Aluminum and Steel Rivets
  • Aluminum rivets and steel rivets applications
  • How to choose the right metal rivets for your project

Buying Metal Pop Rivets from Rivmate

From this post in Aluminum vs Steel Rivet Comparison, you have learned the differences and usage scenarios between them. In order to ensure that you can choose the most suitable rivets for your project, you must get in touch with the right manufacturer of blind rivets.

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