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How Much Do Rivets Cost? A Complete Guide

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Table of Contents

How Much Do Rivets Cost

How much do rivets cost? Explore the cost of rivets,from standard rivets to high-strength structural rivets, and the factors that affect their price.

Table of Contents

Are you looking for high quality blind rivets for your project or company business? Before that you need to know how much blind rivets cost? Don’t worry! This article will give you a crash course on blind rivets and the factors that affect their total cost.

We’ll break down the various kinds of blind rivets and pop rivets, from the commonly used standard blind rivets to the high-strength structural blind rivets. After reading this article, you will be an expert on the subject.

Blind Rivets are a product of the last hundred years though. But because of its unique advantages, has become an important part of industrial manufacturing.Blind rivets have a wide range of types, from the commonly used open type blind rivets, closed end blind rivets to high-strength structural rivets, such as monobolt rivet, bom rivet, lockbolt.The principles of these blind rivets are similar, but the performance differences are relatively large. So their main use scenarios are also different.

We can categorize blind rivets into four parts.

1.Standard Blind Rivets

Standard blind rivets mainly contains two kinds of frequently used blind rivets: 1. open type blind rivet 2. closed end blind rivet. This type of blind rivet connection principle is relatively simple. Completely by the rivet body of the extrusion deformation and the formation of a stable fastening.

Standard blind rivets are suitable for simple projects and light duty applications. As they have limited strength and are not capable of withstanding high strength connections.

In addition, we have found that open type blind rivets and closed end blind rivets are used in very large quantities. The ability to provide some strength and fast installation makes them the best choice for large factories working on multiple projects at the same time.

You can install more than one standard blind rivets in your facility. After all, they are the least expensive!

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet

2.Structural Rivets

Structural blind rivets are used in the same way as standard blind rivets. The installation of the rivets is accomplished with the use of a specialized blind rivet gun.

However, structural blind rivets have higher strength, can meet the strength requirements of heavy equipment, and have more functionality.

Structural Blind Rivets are best suited for the production and connection of various large industrial equipment. For example, the connection of key parts of automobile manufacturing, the assembly and connection of heavy equipment.

Riveted Connections in Steel Structures - How to Choose Pop Rivets for Steel Structures?

3.High Strength Blind Rivets

High strength blind rivets are blind rivets designed for heavy duty equipment and applications. They can withstand the demands of a wide variety of various large equipment and projects.

The operation of high strength rivets is similar to other types of blind rivets, but the tools used are different. Normal blind rivet guns may not be able to achieve the strength required to attach high strength rivets. Instead of using traditional bolts, you can use high-strength rivets that do not require access to the sides of the equipment and can be installed quickly.

Manufacturing plants are often looking for efficiency in production, saving time and labor costs. This is very important for manufacturers. So high strength rivets become the best choice!

If you are interested, we have also prepared an article on Blind Rivet vs Bolt.

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

4.Special Blind Rivets

Rivmate SPR Rivet(Self piercing rivet)
Self Piercing Rivet
Avdel Speed Rivets
Speed Rivets
Ground Rivet

There are also some rivets that are shaped differently than traditional blind rivets. These rivets are designed to solve some specific applications.

Specialty rivets include speed rivet, spr rivet and ground blind rivet among others. They can be used to complete projects that cannot be done with blind rivets at a very low economic cost. Therefore, the market demand for these specialty rivets is also high.

Special Blind Rivets can be used to complete the entire project quickly with their unique design. For example, speed rivets can be used in large-scale assembly lines to save labor costs, and Spr rivets specialize in riveting thin panels, which are used in a large number of applications in automotive door panels. As long as you have the specialized tools to use these rivets in your factory, you can save a lot of money on labor costs and get more bang for your buck.

Such equipment can perform multiple tasks on multiple production lines at the same time and is excellent in mass production.

A large quantity of rivets

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Cost of Rivets

Prices vary greatly from one tired heart moreblind rivet to another. Cheap blind rivet prices are similar to screws. In contrast, a high strength structural rivet will cost more than the price of a book.

We can divide the price of blind rivets into three parts.

Note that the prices are in US dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time, and the prices listed in this article are for reference only!

How Much Do Rivets Cost A Complete Guide

1. Low Cost --- Standard Blind Rivets

Now, let’s talk about the least expensive but most used blind rivets on the market. You can spend only $0.002 for one of the smallest sizes of open end blind rivets. It will fulfill the strength requirements of everyday life.

This type of rivet mainly connects non-load bearing joints. It mainly connects the assembly of the housing of household appliances, the fixing of water pipes and some other common scenarios. This type of rivet is the best choice for household appliances manufacturing, furniture assembly and decorative items.

2.Heavy Duty Blind Rivets

Suitable structural rivets cost between $0.01 and $0.04. At this price point, your choice of structural rivets will meet the usage requirements for the vast majority of applications.

Structural rivets at this price point can withstand high levels of strength. And structural rivets have their own characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, waterproofing, dustproofing, ultra-high strength and suitability for soft materials. Unlike welding, rivets can be installed without damaging the surface of the material being joined.

In this case, engineers only need to apply a special rivet gun, and can easily complete the whole installation process. Compared with traditional blind rivets, structural rivets have a great improvement in quality, function and applicability.

3.High Strength Structural Rivets

Finally, let’s look at high-strength blind rivets. Fasteners that can withstand ultra-high strength are always expensive, and high-strength blind rivets are no exception. Prices for high strength blind rivets start at $0.10 and go up to $50/piece.

All high strength rivets can withstand the weight of heavy equipment. Their strength properties far exceed those of other fasteners of the same price.

Heavy equipment must remain in stable operation and their safety is critical. No matter how expensive the fastener is, it is not superfluous. You’re not just paying for the performance of your equipment, you’re paying for the reliability of the connection.

The consequences of a safety issue with heavy equipment can be severe. Only with safe and stable operation can the equipment provide you with ample benefits. High-strength rivets are usually installed in the steel structure of the connection, heavy equipment load-bearing joints and railroad track connection.

A large quantity of rivets

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Blind rivets have gradually overtaken traditional screw-bolt connections and welding. The biggest advantage of blind rivets is the fast and stable completion of the connection.

Cost of Rivets

The following is a brief list of the advantages of blind rivets over conventional bolting and welding.

  • Can be mounted from one side
  • Very quick installation process
  • Very lightweight, helping to reduce the overall weight of the structure
  • The rivets are permanently attached and do not need to be checked for tightness.
  • Blind rivets do not require high temperatures for installation and do not cause thermal stress, distortion or changes in material properties.
  • A wide range of different materials can be joined, such as metals and plastics.
  • The process is very safe and does not involve flames, electric arcs or high temperatures.
  • No harmful fumes or gases are generated during installation.

If you want to know more about “riveting vs welding” and “rivets vs bolts“. Please check out these two articles.

6 Factors that Influence the Cost of Rivets

The price of Blind rivets depends on several complex factors. Each of the factors listed below affects the total cost of blind rivets in different ways.

1.Rivet Type

Open type blind rivets are the cheapest type of rivets. In contrast, any rivets that are high strength or have special features will be an added cost to the rivet.


The price of rivets made from different materials varies greatly. Commonly used materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper. In general, steel rivets are less expensive, aluminum rivets are moderate, and stainless steel rivets and the same rivets are more expensive.

3.Dimensions and Specifications

The larger the size of the Blind rivets and the more material used, the price will increase. Different head types (e.g. round head, countersunk head, large flange head) and special shapes of rivets are complicated to manufacture and more expensive.


Producing large quantities usually reduces unit costs. Therefore rivets purchased in large quantities are usually less expensive.

Smaller production runs and customized rivets will have a higher unit price because the production line will need to be adjusted and the cost spread will be much higher.

5.Special Requirement

If your project’s has special requirements for rivets, the price will be much higher. For example, rivets used in marine or chemical environments need to be highly corrosion resistant. High strength rivets require the use of specific materials and processes and are more expensive than ordinary rivets.


Famous brands such as huck, avdel usually have higher prices. In fact huck, avdel don’t produce most of the rivets anymore and import high quality rivets from China.

A large quantity of rivets

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To accommodate a variety of usage scenarios, blind rivets come in a variety of types and sizes at different prices. Choosing the best blind rivets for your business involves assessing the current needs of your project and getting the most appropriate product.

Traditional blind rivets may be quite attractive due to their low price. But it cannot connect heavy equipment like railroad tracks. If your project requires high strength, you need to choose from high strength structural rivets. Although it may increase the cost of your project, your equipment will be safer and you will benefit more.

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