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Types of Lockbolts - How to Choose Lockbolts for Your Project?

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Table of Contents

Types of Lockbolts - How to Choose Lockbolts for Your Project?

There are several different types of Lockbolts. Different types of lockbolts are used in different conditions and scenarios. Let’s find out more about them below.

Table of Contents

What is a Lockbolt? Lockbolt is a high strength mechanical fastener widely used in manufacturing and construction. It is specifically designed for applications requiring extremely high strength and durable connections. As the name implies, lockbolt will not loosen under high loads and vibration environments.

The first generation of lockbolt was invented by Louis C. Huck in the 1940s to solve the problem of traditional rivets and bolts loosening on their own under prolonged vibration.

The lockbolt consists of two parts, a pin and a collar. They can replace nuts and bolts and are stronger than them. There is also no need to access both sides of the material for installation.Lockbolt is a reliable and durable strong fastener that provides a dependable connection solution under severe conditions of use.

Types of Lockbolts

Lockbolts fastener has many types, but there are two main types: 1.Lockbolt with Separating Pintails 2.Lockbolt without Separating Pintails.Next let’s take a look at these two types of lockbolts in detail.

Lockbolt with Separating Pintails

Lockbolt with Separating Pintails also comes in two types. As we know, there is a difference in the products strength is also different. It is worth noting that the strength of C6L lockbolt is a bit lower than that of C50L lockbolt.

C50L Lockbolt

C50L Lockbolt - High Strength Lockbolt Fastener

The C50L lockbolt is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications requiring ultra-high strength. It is the best solution for heavy duty industrial connections.Rivmate’s C50L lockbolt ranges in diameter from 12.7mm (1/2 inch) – 28.6mm (1-1/8 inch).

In real-world applications, the torque and shear strength of the C50L lockbolt exceeds that of conventional bolts. So lockbolt can replace traditional bolts in all applications.C50L lockbolt has many types to choose from, including dome head, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

C6L Lockbolt

Lockbolt Fastening System

The C6L lockbolt has been around for over sixty years. This lockbolt provides high shear strength and long lasting performance. It reduces rework and warranty costs and requires little or no training to complete the installation process quickly.The C6L lockbolt is available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel in diameters from 12.7mm (1/2 inch) – 28.6mm (1-1/8 inch).

Lockbolt without Separating Pintails

Magna Grip Lockbolt

The main feature of Lockbolt without Separating Pintails is the ability to connect multiple grip ranges. This reduces the pressure on inventory. This type of lockbolt has a precisely controlled grip range and clamping force, making it ideal for metal-to-metal fastening.

It has a variable length of broken tail after riveting. This will vary depending on the actual thickness of the riveted material. This unique property allows it to easily accommodate changes in material thickness.

Differences Between Different Types of Lockbolts

FeatureC50L LockboltC6L LockboltMagna-Grip Lockbolt
MaterialHigh-strength steel, stainless steelAlloy steel, aluminum alloyHigh-strength steel, aluminum alloy
Application StrengthSuitable for heavy load and high-stress applicationsSuitable for medium to high-stress applicationsSuitable for high-load applications
Mechanical LockingYes, mechanical locking with specialized toolsYes, mechanical locking with specialized toolsYes, mechanical locking with specialized tools
Vibration and Impact ResistanceYes, designed for severe vibration and impact conditionsYes, designed for severe vibration and impact conditionsYes, designed for severe vibration and impact conditions
Corrosion ResistanceYes, typically treated for corrosion resistance (e.g., galvanized, nickel-plated)Yes, typically treated for corrosion resistance (e.g., galvanized)Yes, typically treated for corrosion resistance (e.g., galvanized, nickel-plated)
Ease of InstallationQuick installation, suitable for mass productionQuick installation, suitable for mass productionQuick installation, suitable for mass production
Wide Grip RangeNoNoYes, adapts to different material thicknesses, reducing inventory variety
Typical ApplicationsHeavy machinery, rail cars, bridge constructionAutomotive industry, construction, general industrial manufacturingAutomotive, aerospace, construction, heavy equipment, rail transportation
Single-sided OperationYesYesYes

How to Choose Lockbolts for Your Project?

The scenarios in which different lockbolt is used are also different. So how should you choose the best lockbolt rivets for your project? You need to decide based on factors such as specific application requirements, material thickness, load requirements and environmental conditions. Below is a detailed guide to help you choose between these lockbolts:

Application Strength and Load Requirements

What is a Lockbolt Used for?

The C50L Lockbolt is suitable for applications requiring extreme strength and heavy loads. For example, heavy machinery, railroad vehicles, bridge design, etc. C50L Lockbolt provides extremely high tensile and shear strengths to withstand heavy loads and high stresses.

C6L Lockbolt provides excellent tensile and shear strength for medium to high strength applications. For example, in the automotive industry, construction, and general industrial manufacturing.

Magna Grip Lockbolt can accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses in addition to providing high strength connections. You can choose this type of lockbolt if you want to reduce the variety of stock.

What is a lockbolt

Material Thickness and Adaptability

Both the C50L Lockbolt and the C6L Lockbolt are suitable for joining high-strength applications in a fixed thickness range. Unlike the Magna grip lockbolt, which has a large clamping range that allows joining materials of different thicknesses.

So if you want to reduce your inventory, then go for the Magna grip lockbolt, but it is more expensive.

Vibration and Shock Resistance

Both the C50L Lockbolt and the C6L Lockbolt will hold strong under vibration and shock conditions and will not easily loosen or fall off.

The Magna grip lockbolt also has the characteristics of other types of lockbolt and is more versatile.

Environmental Conditions and Corrosion Resistance

Lockbolt, regardless of type, is usually treated to prevent corrosion. For example, galvanized or nickel plated, as the practical environment for lockbolt rivet is generally harsh.

Applications of Lockbolt


Choose C50L Lockbolt if your application requires extremely high strength and heavy-duty capabilities, such as heavy machinery, railroad vehicles and bridge construction.

Choose C6L Lockbolt if your application requires medium to high strength connections, such as in the automotive industry, building construction and general industrial manufacturing.

Choose Magna-Grip Lockbolt if your application needs to accommodate materials of varying thicknesses while requiring high load capacity, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, construction and heavy equipment, and railroad transportation.The Magna-Grip Lockbolt’s large clamping range gives it an advantage in inventory management and material adaptability.

Applications of Lockbolts

Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets Application
  • Transportation such as buses, public transportation vehicles, trucks and train cars
  • Automotive applications such as recreational vehicles, trailers and cars
  • Aerospace manufacturing, including aircraft and airport equipment
  • White goods, such as lighting, food service equipment, and medical equipment; and alternative energy hardware, such as solar systems and wind turbines
  • Assembly applications, such as building warehouse racks or working within automated systems used by large manufacturers and distributors
  • Agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and recycling equipment
  • Metal fabrication and power plant systems
  • Bridge and tunnel structures
What is Lockbolt Used for

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