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Peel Type Blind Rivets in China

Peel Pop Rivets

Peel pop rivets are ideal for joining thin materials such as aluminium, steel, ABS plastic and fibreglass. Particularly fragile and soft materials such as carbon braze, fibreglass, PVC, ABS and other components.

Order peel pop rivets in bulk from peel rivet supplier to suit your project.Rivmate can supply large quantities of peel type blind rivets.

Complete Your Project with Rivmate's Peel Pop Rivets

As one of the top peel rivet suppliers in China, we are able to provide high quality products to customers all over the world. And we can provide customised peel rivets services and solutions. Scroll your mouse to view our products and contact us. Choose your ideal type of peel rivets!

Peel Type Blind Rivets in China

Dome Head Peel Type Blind Rivets

The head of the dome head peel type blind rivets is rounded. It can provide a smooth and beautiful finish. Ideal for applications requiring an aesthetic appearance and high load dispersion capability.

Large Flange Head Peel Pop Rivets

Large Flange Head Peel Type Pop Rivets

Large flange head peel rivets combine a large flange head design with an effective peel cut tail mechanism. Particularly suitable for applications requiring additional support and high load spreading capacity.

Peel Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

Colored Exploding Peel Rivets

If your project has a requirement for the exterior colour of peel rivets, you can ask us. We will fulfil your needs!

Peel Blind Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

Custom Peel Rivets

Does your project have special requirements for the specification of peel pop rivets? Don’t worry, Rivmate can solve all your purchasing problems at once!

Rivmate C Series blind rivet tool

Peel Rivets Gun

Rivmate offers more than just various types of peel rivets, it also offers relative connection tools. You don’t need to go anywhere else to buy them! Save time and cost!

Peel Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

Peel Rivets Supplier

If you are looking for peel rivets supplier, Rivmate is the right choice for you. We can take all kinds of orders.

Rivmate:Leading Peel Rivets Supplier Near You

Rivmate is a peel rivets supplier in China.Our professional engineers will provide you one-stop sourcing solution. Besides peel rivets, Rivmate also provides many types of blind rivets, high strength structural rivets, rivet nuts and tools for joining.

Peel pop rivets are used in a wide range of applications and are particularly suitable for joining brittle or soft materials. You can also ask us to apply a special surface treatment to the peel rivets according to your project requirements.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of peel rivets in China. You can quickly get the products you need from our large stock. We can fully meet all your needs.

Custom Peel Rivets to Complete Your Business

Large Flange Head Peel Pop Rivets

Custom Head Style of Peel Rivets

Rivmate can provide you with both Dome heads and large heads. Of course, We can customise a special head shape for your project.

peel rivets

Custom Materials of Peel Rivets

  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
How Do I Choose The Right Size Pop Rivet? - Select the Length of the Pop Rivets

Custom Body Length of Peel Rivets

  • Minimum: 10.0mm
  • Maximun: 26.0mm

If the peel rivets you need to buy have special length requirements, you can contact us for customisation.

Size and specifications of peel type blind rivet

Custom Diameter of Peel Rivets

  • 3.2mm(1/8″)
  • 4.0mm(5/32″)
  • 4.8mm(3/16″)
  • 6.4mm(1/4″)
Peel Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

Custom Color of Peel Rivets

If your project has special requirements for the colour of the peel rivets, you can offer us a custom-made one. You can get a satisfactory solution from Rivmate.If you do not specifically request a colour when placing your order, we will deliver it in the original colour of the peel rivets.

Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners : A Complete Buying Guide

Custom Grip Range of Peel Rivets

  • Minimun:1.0mm
  • Maximum:28.0mm

Buy Peel Pop Rivets

Why Choose to Buy Peel Rivets From Rivmate?

If you want to buy the best peel pop rivets, then you have come to the right place!

Rivmate is the top pop rivet manufacturer in China.We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service and the most perfect products. Our professional, fast customer service can meet the various requirements of your project and provide you with the most professional rivet solutions.

Because we have been producing and selling peel rivets for more than ten years, we have customers all over the world. If you demand quality and excellent service from peel rivets, then we are the most suitable partner for you.

What is a Peel Rivet?

Peel Rivets are a special type of blind rivet. The design features a tail that splits into multiple “petals” or “tabs” during the riveting process, creating a larger contact area on the backside of the material. This structure effectively spreads the load and reduces stress concentrations, making it particularly suitable for joining thin, fragile and soft materials.

How Do you Install Peel Rivets?

peel type blind rivets installing

Where to Buy Peel Rivets?

Obviously! We can supply all types of peel rivets for your project.Rivmate’s prices are a third or less of the retail price. Of course, as a peel rivets manufacturer, we have a minimum order requirement. (MOQ 50,000)

The unit price is actually much lower than your purchase price from local. You will get more profit when you choose us to buy peel pop rivets!

What is the Difference Between Peel and Pop Rivets?

Comparison ItemPeel RivetsPop Rivets
Tail DesignPre-split tail that splits into “petals”Tail deforms into a “bulge” without splitting
Stress Distribution“Petals” distribute stress, reducing concentrationBulge provides clamping force, less stress distribution
Suitable MaterialsThin sheets, fragile materials, and soft materialsWide range of materials and thicknesses
Primary ApplicationsAutomotive interior panels, appliance housings, thin sheet connectionsAutomotive body panels, construction panels, electronics, furniture manufacturing
Installation ToolStandard rivet toolStandard rivet tool
Aesthetic QualitySmooth finish with evenly distributed petalsSmooth finish with bulge at the back

How to Choose the Right Peel Rivets for your Project?

This problem is why Rivmate exists! With so many different types of peel pop rivets on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that is exactly right for your project, Rivmate’s philosophy is “We’re not just a rivet supplier, we’re a rivet solution provider“.

If you are not sure which size of peel rivets is right for your business, please contact our engineers for a customised solution!

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