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What is a Bom Rivet?

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What is a Bom Rivet? Do you know what are the application scenarios of Bom rivets and whether Bom rivet is applicable to your business or not, I think you are with doubts. Next we will take a closer look at what is a bom rivet.

Table of Contents

What is a Bom Rivet?

BOM Rivet is specifically designed for connections in applications requiring extreme strength and durability. It can be used to repair damaged rivet holes or in situations where higher strength and greater clamping force is required. These are the hallmarks of the Bom rivet. To be clear, bom rivets are a type of high strength structural rivet.

RIVMATE Bom Rivets - Custom Blind Rivet Manufacturer in China

BOM Rivet is a type of high strength structural rivet with a large clamping range and repair capabilities. Capable of providing reliable fixing under high load and vibration conditions. Its strength is far beyond that of traditional blind rivets and ordinary structural rivets.

Bom rivets are widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace, construction and heavy equipment, rail transportation and other fields.

Applications of Bom Rivets

Bom rivets have a lot of features that other blind rivets don’t have. These excellent characteristics make them popular in the heavy equipment or industrial industries.

Repair Damaged Holes

With traditional rivet usage, rivet holes may wear out or enlarge due to repeated use or stress.Bom rivets can copper over fill damaged holes, extending the life of the component and reducing the cost of replacement or repair.

What is a Bom Rivet

Automobile Industry

In the automotive industry, high-strength and durable connections are often required, especially in critical areas of the body and chassis.Bom rivet is particularly suitable for use in dynamically loaded areas of the vehicle due to its vibration and shock resistance.Bom rivet is often used for fixing automotive bodywork, chassis, suspension systems and other components.

Aerospace Industry

Bom Rivets Application

Like the automotive industry, aerospace has high vibration resistance requirements for fasteners.

Bom rivets maintain consistent and reliable performance in extreme environments. That’s why it’s widely used for connecting fuselages, wings and other critical structures of airplanes.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Applications of Bom Rivet

Excavators, cranes and other heavy machinery have key components that require reliable rivets to connect them. Heavy machinery and equipment are subjected to tremendous stress and vibration during operation, and the high strength and impact resistance of Bom rivets ensures the performance of such equipment.

Rapid Transit

Bom rivets can be attached to train bodies, rail infrastructure, etc. The superior vibration resistance of Bom rivets makes them ideal for rail transportation applications.

Bridges and Building Structures

Bom rivets are suitable for structural applications in outdoor and harsh environments due to their high strength and corrosion resistance. It can be used to connect critical components such as steel beams, columns and brackets.

How Does Bom Rivet Work?

Although Bom rivets are one of the commonly used riveted fasteners in industry. But many engineers may be curious about how it forms a stable connection. Here is a brief description of how the bom rivet connection works. For ease of understanding, we have divided the installation process into three steps.

How Does Bom Rivet Work?

Insert Bom Rivet and Start the Tool

The BOM rivet is inserted into the pre-drilled hole so that the head of the rivet is pressed against the surface of the material. At this point, the rivet body penetrates the material being joined.

A specialized riveting tool is then used to apply a tensile force to pull on the mandrel inside the rivet. This tool is usually manual, pneumatic, or electric and can provide enough force to pull the mandrel.

Deformation Fixation

After starting the rivet pulling tool, the nozzle pulls on the mandrel so that the mandrel begins to move outward.

Immediately thereafter the end of the rivet body begins to deform on the backside of the material. This deformation usually extends outward, creating a mechanically locked structure.

The deformation of the tail allows the rivet to form a stable attachment surface on the backside of the material, thereby securely locking the material. This mechanically locked structure provides extremely high tensile and shear strength.

Mandrel Breaks and Completes Fixation

When the applied tension reaches a certain level, the mandrel breaks at a predetermined position. A portion of the mandrel remains within the rivet body, ensuring the integrity of the joint.

Ultimately, the head and deformed tail of the rivet securely clamp the material being joined, creating a strong, durable mechanical joint.

2 Common Types of Bom Rivets

There are many suppliers of Bom rivets, but overall there are just two types: 1. Avdel Avbolt 2. Huck Bom. Rivmate can provide you with all types of Bom rivets, solving all your purchasing needs at once.

Avdel Avbolt

Rivmate Bom Rivet

The Avdel Avbolt is designed for heavy duty fastening applications. Applications such as construction, train cars, containers, mining equipment and bridges can all be connected using Avdel Avbolt.

In addition to extremely high tensile and shear strengths, the Avbolt offers the benefits of blind fitting, including in restricted access areas. Like all blind bolts, Avbolt is easy to install and requires minimal operator training.

Avbolt is also available in a variety of sizes from 3/16 inch to 5/8 inch (4.8 mm to 16 mm). Rods are made of alloy steel and black oxide, while sleeves and collars are made of carbon steel, zinc plated and have a clear passivated coating. Flange rings are also available with three-piece bolts in 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, and 5/8-inch diameters.

Huck Bom

RIVMATE Bom Rivets - Custom Blind Rivet Manufacturer in China

Huck BOM rivets are commonly used in military equipment, automotive suspensions, amusement park rides, and other applications where a strong, lasting connection is required. These blind rivets are ideal for high-strength applications and can be easily installed using any standard riveting tool.

BOM fasteners are available in sizes ranging from 3/16-inch to 3/4-inch and are constructed of mild steel sleeves, medium carbon steel pins, and a zinc-plated clear chromate coating.

Huck BOM fasteners also feature a mechanical lock that creates a vibration-resistant connection and eliminates rod loosening. When properly installed, the pin will separate flush from the sleeve, so no additional grinding is required.

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The Main Advantages of Using Bom Rivets

Bom rivets are the premier choice for ultra-high strength blind hole fasteners. Below are the main advantages of bom rivets over traditional blind rivets.

High Strength Connections

BOM rivets are made from high-strength materials (such as high-strength steel or aluminum alloys) that provide excellent tensile and shear strength for high load and stress applications.

Conventional blind rivets, on the other hand, are typically suitable for medium strength applications, and while they can also provide a reliable connection, they may not be as good as BOM rivets under very high loads and stresses.

Repair Damaged Holes

BOM rivets are designed with a larger diameter to repair rivet holes that have become larger due to wear or damage, restoring structural strength and extending the life of the component.

Conventional blind rivets require replacement with larger rivets or other repair treatments when the hole diameter becomes too large.

Mechanical Lock

Compared to traditional blind rivets, BOM rivets provide extremely high tensile and shear strength through a mechanical locking structure where the rivet forms a solid lock on the backside of the material. Traditional blind rivets may not provide as much strength as BOM rivets.

Bom Rivet vs Blind Rivet

FeatureBOM RivetTraditional Blind Rivet
High-Strength ConnectionProvides exceptional tensile and shear strength, suitable for high-load and high-stress applicationsProvides moderate strength connection, suitable for medium-strength applications
Repair Damaged HolesCan repair worn or damaged rivet holes, restoring structural strengthDoes not have repair capability, requires replacement or other repair methods
Vibration and Impact ResistanceMaintains stability and firmness under high vibration and impact conditionsCan withstand some vibration and impact, but less stable under high-strength conditions
Mechanical LockingProvides high connection strength through mechanical lockingRelies mainly on rivet body deformation, less effective than mechanical locking
Corrosion ResistanceTreated for corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh environmentsCan also be treated for corrosion resistance, but its importance might be lower
Wide Grip RangeAdapts to different material thicknesses, reducing inventory varietyFixed grip range, requires selection based on material thickness
Ease of InstallationQuick installation, suitable for mass production and single-sided operation, ideal for confined spacesEasy to install, but slightly longer installation time compared to BOM Rivets
Wide ApplicationUsed in high-load, high-stress industries and applicationsMainly used in medium-strength industrial manufacturing and general applications
Cost EfficiencyHigher initial cost but lower maintenance and replacement costs, suitable for long-term and high-strength applicationsLower initial cost but may require frequent replacement in high-strength applications, increasing maintenance costs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do Bom rivets compare to other thinset connections?

Compared to other thin sheet joining methods such as traditional blind rivets, rivet nuts, screws and welds, Bom rivets offer features not found in other joining methods.Bom rivets offer the following advantages:

  • High strength and durability for high load and high stress applications.
  • Stability and robustness of the connection under strong vibration and shock conditions, more reliable than screws and traditional blind rivets.
  • The ability to repair damaged rivet holes restores structural strength.
  • Initial costs are high, but the low maintenance and replacement costs of BOM rivets make them more cost-effective over the long term for long duration and high strength applications.

2.What is the use of Bom rivets in automotive manufacturing?

BOM rivets are used in a wide range of automotive applications, including body and chassis connections, suspension systems, door and door hinges, seating and interior components, engine compartments and powertrains, exhaust systems, electronics and electrical systems, roofs and sunroofs, and safety equipment, among other critical areas. Their high strength, durability, and resistance to vibration and shock enable them to meet the stringent quality and performance requirements of automotive manufacturing, ensuring the stability and safety of vehicles under a variety of usage conditions. Through the use of BOM rivets, automakers are able to increase productivity, ensure product quality, and improve overall vehicle performance and reliability.


Bom rivets have been the ideal solution for heavy equipment since they were invented. Currently bom rivets are gradually replacing traditional bolts. Our guide is a stepping stone before you buy bom rivets, outlining their definition and showing you the benefits and applications of bom rivets.

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