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Tools for Rivet Nuts - How to Choose the Right Tools for Rivet Nuts?

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Table of Contents

A912 Rivmate Pneumatic Rivnut Tool

Tools for Rivet Nuts.How to choose the best rivet nut tool for your project? Through this article, I think you won’t have any doubts about this issue!

Table of Contents

What is a Rivet Nut Tool?

Rivet nuts are a very common fastener for thin plate connections in industry and manufacturing. In order to improve the efficiency of production and installation. Often choose the right rivet nut tool to complete the rivet nut installation process. So what is a rivet nut tool?

A rivet nut tool, which is also often referred to as a rivet nut gun or cap puller, is a quick tool designed to install rivet nuts. The rivet nut tool secures the rivet nut to the material through mechanical force, providing a strong threaded joint.

Proper use of a rivet nut tool can greatly improve your efficiency and the quality of your connection. That’s why rivet nut tools are widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronic equipment and furniture assembly.

Types of Rivet Nut Tool


There are various types of rivet nut tools. However, they can be categorised into the following three types based on their power source and mode of operation:

Each type of tool has its own unique benefits and usage scenarios. Let’s explore them together in detail below!

Manual Rivet Nut Tools

Hand Threaded Rivet Insert Tool

A manual rivet nut tool is a tool that operates by applying force manually and is used to install rivet nuts on thin plates or other materials. This tool is widely used in small production runs, repairs and DIY projects.

The operation of a manual rivet nut tool is very simple, it does not require an air or power source and can be used in any work environment. And the manual rivet nut tool is very lightweight and small in size, making it easy to carry around. Most importantly, it is very cheap!

But then again, it has its drawbacks. It is more laborious to operate and requires manual pressure to complete the installation process. It is also very inefficient to install and is not suitable for mass production and high intensity work.

Electric Rivet Nut Tools

Tools For Rivet Nuts

The Electric Rivet Nut Tool is a tool that utilises an electric motor to provide power. This tool is widely used in high-volume industrial production and assembly tasks such as appliance manufacturing, electronic equipment assembly and automotive production.

The operation of the Electric Rivet Nut Tool is effortless and the installation efficiency is good. But then, it is very dependent on power and needs to be equipped with a battery or power adapter.

Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tools

Rivmate A912 Rivet nut tool

The last type of rivet nut tool is the pneumatic rivnut tool. It is a tool that uses compressed air to provide power. It is widely used in volume industrial production such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and mechanical equipment assembly.

Why do engineers choose to use pneumatic rivnut tool during mass production? Instead of electric rivet nut guns. The main reason is that the force output of the pneumatic rivnut tool is very stable, which can be very effective in reducing human error. It can ensure that the installation quality of each rivet nut is consistent, which is very important for industrial installation.

How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Rivet Nut Project?

Identify Project Needs

The first step in choosing the right rivet nut tool for your business is to identify your business needs. You can take a comprehensive look at your project requirements and select the most appropriate rivet nut tool for the job. The aim of this process is to ensure that the tool selected will meet the project requirements and will increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure the quality and reliability of the connection.

We can categorise the size of the project into three simple categories:

  1. Small scale projects
  2. Medium sized projects
  3. Large scale projects
Rivet nut kits - Rivmate Rivnut kits - Rivet nut for supermarkets

So what are considered small-scale projects? For example, home repairs, DIY projects, small workshops or small batch production can all be considered small-scale projects. Small-scale projects are characterised by the fact that they are not used very often, perhaps only once in a while or only need to connect a dozen rivet nuts.

Medium sized projects are characterised by regular use, for example, every week the tool is needed to make the rivet nut connections. Regular production tasks like SMEs, specialised repairs and medium volume production are all considered medium-sized items.

Large-scale projects are easy. Like assembly line operations in large factories, mass serial production or industrial projects that run continuously. Rivet nuts are used frequently on these projects and engineers are required to connect rivet nuts on a daily basis.

Compare Different Rivet Nut Tools

Above we briefly explained the different types of rivet nut tools. Next we need to understand which size project the different types of rivet nut tools are suitable for.

Manual Rivet Nut Tool

  • Scope of application: small batch, light assembly tasks, home repairs and DIY projects.
  • Pros: easy to operate, no power or air source required, high portability, low cost.
  • Disadvantages: labour-intensive operation, low efficiency, not suitable for high-intensity work.

Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool

  • Scope of application: medium batch, industrial production tasks, automotive manufacturing and repair.
  • Advantages: fast operation, even force, suitable for frequent use, high efficiency.
  • Disadvantages: requires compressed air source, noisy operation, high initial investment.

Electric Rivet Nut Tool

  • Scope of application: high-volume, assembly-line production tasks, home appliance manufacturing and electronic equipment assembly.
  • Advantages: labour-saving operation, high efficiency, adjustable output force, suitable for continuous work.
  • Cons: Requires power supply or batteries, noisy operation, heavy weight.
Tools for Rivet Nuts - How to Choose Rivet Nuts Tools for Your Project

Without considering your budget, I would suggest that you can choose either an electric rivet nut gun or a pneumatic rivet nut gun. The electric rivet nut gun is definitely enough for daily use. If you are in industrial production, then pneumatic rivet nut gun is preferred. It provides consistent installation quality.

With these two points, I think you can roughly determine which type of rivet nut tool you should use for your business! If you want to buy a pneumatic rivnut tool, you can contact us!

Consider the Budget

Budget is the most important factor when choosing rivet nut tools. Initial investment, operating costs, maintenance costs and project needs need to be considered comprehensively. Reasonable selection of manual, pneumatic, and electric rivet nut tools ensures that while meeting project needs, budget and resource utilization are optimized, and work efficiency and assembly quality are improved.

In terms of equipment cost, the equipment cost of pneumatic rivet nut tools is generally the highest, and the manual rivet nut tools are the lowest. However, manual rivet nut tools are not suitable for large-scale industrial production environments.


After reading this far, I believe you have a clear idea of ​​how to choose the best rivet nut tool for your project.

We just need to choose the most suitable type from manual, electric and pneumatic rivet nut tools based on the specific circumstances of your business.

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