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Magna Lok Rivets

Provide Secure And Stable Connection for Your Project

Wholesale High Strength Magna Lok Rivets from China Factory! Solve all your rivet sourcing needs at once.

Magna Lok Rivets for Sale - Bulk Huck Magna Lok Blind Rivets Wholesale
Magna Lok Rivets for Sale - Bulk Huck Magna Lok Blind Rivets Wholesale

Product Overview

Magna-Lok Blind Rivets are high strength structural rivets. It has been carefully designed and manufactured to be used in many applications where high strength is required. When your project requires a high level of safety and performance, you can choose Magna-Lok Rivets to meet the requirements of your project. They are the best solution for high strength blind rivets!

Magna lok blind rivet has fully sealed joints and observable locking. Capable of providing a very large riveting range. Therefore, magna lok rivet is very versatile in its use.

Available Product Sizes:3/16 inch (d=4.7-4.88mm)、1/4 inch (d=6.4-6.58mm)、3/8 inch (d=9.6mm)、25/64 inch (d=9.8mm)

Materials Available for Product: Stainless Steel, Aluminum. Carbon Steel

Head Type: Dome Head, Countersunk Head


Key Benefits of the Product:

  • Excellent hole filling property and vibration resistant effect are realized by rapidly expanded rivet body, which can pro-vide supplementary riveting for the irregular and over toler-ance holes, oval or malposition holes.
  • Good large-gap closing ability and strong clamp force ofsheets.
  • Mechanical mandrel locking mechanism which avoidsdamage, electric leakage or marowak sound caused by theloosening of mandrel.
  • Large riveting grip range.
  • High shear and tensile strength.
  • Visual external locking system which is convenient for rapidlyand simply checking whether the installation is in place.

Unique Advantages of our Products and Services:

  • Return Policy: Our company promises you that if there is any quality problem with the rivets within two years, we will compensate your loss!
  • Preferential Policy: If your first order exceeds $5,000, we will give you a matching pneumatic riveting tool for free!
Magna Lok Rivets for Sale - Bulk Huck Magna Lok Blind Rivets Wholesale

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